...Raps the late great Biggie Smalls on One More Chance, a verbal time capsule transporting us back to the original age of logomania, where the gaudy, gold and outlandish reigned supreme.

For the most celebrated show of SS18, Donatella Versace revived iconic 90s era archive collections, in a jaw-dropping homage to her late brother Gianni on the 20th anniversary of his tragic death. Standout looks included head-to-toe theatrical house prints revised into updated silhouettes. Swoon-inducing reinterpretations of Warhol, Animalia and our champion, Baroque, all featured. A side of feminine body-con with signature slits and slashes, along with dashes of opulent gold completed a recipe for perfection.

A crowd-pleasing finale unleashed Gianni’s original supermodels, draped in goddess-worthy metallic creations, led by Donatella herself.

Minds were blown.

The show, and its accompanying rapturous reaction, served as a reminder of not only Versace’s game-changing influence upon fashion and pop culture, but also its enduring relevance. Considered controversial during the 90s, for his divisive designs (many found the brand-brandishing and flesh-flashing a step too vulgar), it’s interesting how fresh and appealing the Versace aesthetic is two decades on.

“I don’t believe in good taste,” Gianni once provocatively proclaimed. If by ‘good taste’ he meant the sartorial safety net of normcore neutrals - the antithesis of his vision - then nor do we...


Naomi Campbell in Versace, 90s Vintage Versace 90s Sunglasses

Versace SS18 




EYEWEAR CRUSH: GUCCI SS18 September 28 2017

Designer du jour, Alessandro Michele triggered an uneasy stir amongst his adoring audience at the Gucci SS18 show. His disparate collection was unveiled amidst distracting disco lights and dramatic club sounds, which worked to obscure the audience's perception of the nonchalantly styled 107 looks.

The show was more about the conjuring of a vibe, less about conforming to industry expectations, with reviewers struggling to describe the chimerical mishmash that flashed before them. That is, an anti-thematic exhibition of a mood, where the gloriously flamboyant (prints, sequins, shoulder pads, chinoiserie, logos galore and gaudy jewels) were wittily juxtaposed with 80s mom forgettables (kitsch knits, beige macs, prim skirt suits, and the mother of all faux pas’, The Shell Suit), all with a vague late 70s / early 80s undercurrent.

This difficult-to-define aesthetic extended to eyewear, which heavily featured. With a rebellious middle finger to wearability, there were joke shop proportion Lolita heart sunglasses and bladerunneresque bejewelled flat-tops. There were also 'naff chic' 70s cab driver aviators with vintage-hued lenses, and, our unexpected favourites - discoloured translucent glasses frames in clumsily large silhouettes.



Vintage Gucci ss18 sunglasses

 (Images courtesy of Vogue & WMag).