THE DEUCE: GET TO KNOW November 26 2017

Indulge in our current televisual crush, the Deuce, and find yourself transported to a darkly compelling 70s Times Square, barely recognisable from the soulless tourist trap it has become. 

The show documents the evolution of the porn industry through a spectrum of well-rounded characters. There are dodgy cops, ruthless pimps, thrill-seeking students and troubled sex workers, each with their own set of charms, flaws and struggles. Performances are pristinely soulful, but it’s the aesthetics, the settings, that truly conjure the gritty realism of the situation.

We are repeatedly invited by the lens to sojourn in the diner, where our community gather to refuel, gossip and hash out questionable deals, to a continuous soundtrack of sizzling bacon, which one can almost smell. Later, we take our seat as voyeuristic regulars at Hi Hat, an after-hours that welcomes outsiders to carouse through ‘til dawn. Plumes of smoke dance hypnotically in the low light, as leotard-clad girls swan around delivering hard drinks to mob bosses. These visceral backdrops act as a cover to the storybook.

And then there are the looks. The pimps stop a millimetre short of becoming caracatures of themselves, with theatrical canes and epilepsy-inducing shirts, toned down to a palatable level by impeccable tailoring. Gold-rimmed sunglasses top it off. Maggie Gyllenhaal’s ambitious street worker, Candy, all chaotic blonde curls and husky-voiced come-ons, is an advertisement for going braless in a halter top. Her off-duty look is equally sexy; think high waisted denim teamed with slinky satin, and sunglasses, of epic proportions.

And if the 70s ain’t your thing there are two James Franco’s on which your eyes can feast (the dreamboat plays identical twins).  


Candy, the Deuce, 1970s vintage style 

The Deuce, vintage 1970s style