We began life seven years ago as a humble market stall on the mean streets of Notting Hill, but the five o'clock starts and hostile weather soon wore thin, driving us East in search of kinder terrain. We remain proudly nested amongst the colourful characters and chameleonic surrounds of E2.  

Our passion for eyewear design teeters on the cusp of obsession. From the diminutive round styles of the 1940s, and dramatic giants of the 70s, through to the unabashed bling of the early 90s; the endless options with which to frame our eyes continually captivate us. 

Vintage holds a bewitching allure: Unique objects with a past and a personality; sustainable and planet-kind; an affordable means to express originality. 

Our collections are curated according to the delicate balance between the practical and the decorative, the classic and the obscure. We dance on the ground between reality and fantasy, where timeless tortoiseshells sit alongside majestic tricolour creations. 

Whether it's subtle or statement that you seek, we endeavour to dress your face with something as individual as you are.